Spontaneous Order, Evolution, and the Law of Maximum Entropy Production (MEP, LMEP)

Please note: This page was first posted for participants in the May 3-5, 1999 conference on closure and emergent dynamics in Ghent, Belgium, but all interested parties are welcome. The abstract for the paper is given below. The paper has since been published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences under the name "Spontaneous Order, Autocatakinetic Closure and the Development of Space-Time" ,and a.pdf file of the paper to download for personal use can be located here. Recently the full text of Swenson & Turvey 1991 "Thermodynamic Reasons for Perception-Action Cyles" has gone online at ecologicalpsychology.com. and a .pdf file of the paper for download is here . The Advances in Human Ecology paper("Autocatakinetics, Evolution, and the Law of Maximum Entropy Production: A Principled Foundation...") is now online at spontaneousorder.net and a .pdf file of this paper here, and the full text of the Dennett paper is here with a full text .pdf for personal download here. New paper in Human Ecology Journal (CHEC, No.20, May 2003, "Planetary Evolution, Global Dynamics, and Human Ecology") is here.
Abstract, Conference on Closure, Emergent Organizations, and Their Dynamics, Ghent, Belgium, May 3-5, 1999
The Japanese Journal of Contemporary Philosophy (1998)
Further discussion in many of the papers listed in refs
From: Spontaneous Order, Evolution, and Autocatakinetics: The Nomological Basis for the Emergence of Meaning, in G. Van de Vijver et al. (eds.), Evolutionary Systems, 155-180, 1998.